Please purchase in multiples of 15 Minutes of Audio to be transcribed.

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Audio transcribed into a word document or document of your choice (English to English)

Please see booking request form for specifications.

Please note Medical Transcriptions may not be accepted dependant on content matter.
Please note all specifications etc, above.
Meaning of Terms The terms used in this document and website have the following meanings: Client Material -  means material provided to Choughed! Transcription Services including and not limited to files sent via the internet, website or email. Services - means the services provided by Choughed! Transcription Services. Me, I, Us, Choughed! Transcription Services, Choughed Transcription Services, The Crafty Corner, Choughed to Bits! Crafts and Gifts, Kerry Lynn Smith and variations thereof, refer to Choughed Transcription Services (t/a The Crafty Corner, Shop 2 Camelot Court, Alverton Street, Penzance, Cornwall.  TR18 2QN) Terms of Service including data security: Transcriptions transcribed English to English - Worldwide. Client Material may be sent via email or uploaded through an external file-sharing website such as Dropbox. Choughed! Transcription Services accepts no responsibility for the security of Client data uploaded via these means. The security of data transmitted via the Internet cannot be guaranteed and all Client Material is uploaded at the Client's own risk.  Other methods of sending information can be arranged by request. Client Material will be stored on a password encrypted USB Drive and will be deleted two weeks following the completed service unless otherwise agreed. Every reasonable effort will be made to secure the information. Norton Antivirus is installed on all equipment used.  Choughed Transcription Services admits responsibility for inadvertent breach of confidence or misuse of any information, which is either confidential or subject to statutory restrictions on its use, to a maximum limit of indemnity of £250,000 excluding clients based in USA and Canada. However;  Choughed! Transcription Services accepts no liability for claims arising from any Client Material which is lost, exposed, delayed or damaged during delivery to or during use by Choughed! Transcription Services or uploaded to an external file-sharing website or email in the event of cyber attacks causing and not limited to, data breaches. Choughed Transcription Services aims to provide high quality, accurately completed transcripts. Choughed! Transcription Services does not accept liability arising from inaccuracies which may occur by any means, in the completed transcription provided. Choughed! Transcription Services shall have no liability to you for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any use by you of the transcribed or typed material including for illegal or libelous purposes. The onus to ensure the accuracy of information in the final transcript is the responsibility of the client unless the client chooses the complete proof service, available as an additional service upon booking (we reserve the right to refuse this service which is also not available for medical content) Any amendments/revisions will be made by Choughed! Transcription Services free of charge. Choughed! Transcription Services undertakes to meet the delivery timescales agreed, however, we do not accept any liability arising from the late or non-delivery of materials due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.  We do, however, guarantee that if we are unable to meet the agreed deadlines without suitable notice; the work will be completed, and all charges refunded unless otherwise agreed. Choughed! Transcription Services can refuse to offer their services for any reason. All work completed through Choughed! Transcription Services is undertaken solely by Kerry Lynn Smith trading as part of The Crafty Corner. Choughed! Transcription Services is part of Choughed to Bits! Crafts & Gifts (Trading As - The Crafty Corner). Registered Address:  Shop 2 Camelot Court, Alverton Street, Penzance, Cornwall.  TR18 2QN Client satisfaction is extremely important to Choughed! Transcription Services; as is the confidentiality of data shared.  Choughed! Transcription Services treats all Client Material as confidential and uses Norton Anti-Virus Software on all devices used during our service. We also confirm that your information will not purposefully be passed to any third party. Choughed Transcription Services is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Terms of Service updated 02/25/2018 18:32:27
£25. Information can be found in above terms

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